TSI Molding is a custom injection molder of thermoplastic parts and assemblies.TSI Molding has gained a reputation of attentive service and dedication to the needs of our customers since 1990. TSI Molding has worked side by side with our customers, engineers and buyers, often suggesting materials and processes to use in the production of their parts requirements.

Computerized production schedules and customer-tailored lead times have served to establish TSI Molding as one of the most reliable manufacturers in the industry.



Our capabilities extend to almost every phase of plastic injection molding.

The methods of fabrication are as follows:

  • Injection molding up to 30 ounces in all thermoplastic materials.
  • Specializing in high temperature and filled materials.
  • Insert molding, high or low volume
  • Post-forming and pre-forming of all thermoplastic materials including channels, angles, tubing, rod and any other two edged shapes.

    In conclusion, TSI Molding can produce any type of industrial plastic part in small or large quantities. TSI Molding can guarantee the highest quality and best delivery of your injection molded plastic needs. TSI Molding is constantly striving to maintain the reputation and quality standards our customers have come to expect. That's why when it comes to competence, service, and dependability, TSI Molding does it all—and does it right. TSI Molding would be pleased to answer any inquires from your company and will give you firm quotations on prints outlining your requirements. Contact TSI Molding today for your industrial plastic needs!


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